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A True Story of the Rise of the Clinton Crime Syndicate
by Brooks A. Agnew

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241 years ago, the Founding Fathers did something no prophet, seer or revelator saw coming. They formed a government on the belief that human rights come from God. Ever since that moment, dark and terrible powers have been trying to destroy America. Layer by layer, the armor has been removed until the jewel is now exposed.

This book is about the rise of the most powerful, lustful crime syndicate politics has ever seen. Hundreds of people have been murdered, including world leaders. Tens of thousands of classified national secrets have been sold or traded for personal gain. Hundreds of billions of dollars have disappeared, and drug cartel activity makes up almost 5% of the world's Gross Domestic Product. Virtually every single bank in the West is addicted to Syndicate cash, and they can't survive without it.

America won a major battle on November 8th, 2016, but the war is not over. This book is a true story of the rise of the Clinton Crime Syndicate told from the eyes of my own characters. You may cry. You may laugh. You most certainly will be awakened to the reality of just how dangerous and powerful they have become.